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Looking back at the International Sketchnote Camp 2023

The first weekend of September we celebrated the International Sketchnote Camp in Leiden (Netherlands).

ISC23 rocked Sketchnoting!

It was exactly what the name says: people from all over the world came together to spend a whole weekend talking about sketchnotes and turning them into sketchnotes. It was a mix of all kinds of impressions and, above all, very nice to see so many like-minded people together!

And: this International Sketchnote Camp had its own tune. A rocksong especially made for the weekend.

Sketchnotes? You have to explain that!

Sketchnotes are notes with a creative twist.
Instead of text, like regular meeting minutes, sketchnotes feature drawings, symbols, and diagrams that visually represent ideas and information. They make information easier to understand and more fun to absorb.

The way of drawing, the number of words, the use of color… at such a conference we are recognized by our drawing style. It’s like handwriting.

The EVP was present at ISC23!

Karl, Maaike and Eveline were present on behalf of the European Visual Practitioners (EVP). For the first time, we had our own stand at the International Sketchnote Camp. The table, with an EVP yellow cloth, flyers with stickers and… for the first time with a very cool banner!

What we learned that weekend is that not every European sketchnoter knows the EVP. We still have some work to do to organize more great meetings. This weekend inspired us to focus on that even more.

Our key take away

Because all participants (more than 120) are very driven and eager to learn, an open interaction is created that is valuable for everyone. By bringing together sketchnoters, but also by working together as organizations in this field, we are at the basis of beautiful interactions.