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  • EVP Online Circus Meetup 2020

    In the summer of 2020, 9 community members from 8 different countries joined forces for the second online EVP Meetup. More than 120 community members joined on 21 November 2021 to network, co-create and learn together. Within the circus theme, the focus was on fun and creativity. But also answers were sought and found to…

  • The New Core Team 2020-2021

    A group of 7 voluntary members take responsability in the EVP Core Team. The Core Team 2020-2021: Sandra Bach (Germany), Maaike Borsboom (The Netherlands), Andy de Vale (UK), Karl Mortier (Belgium), Jens Nordmann (Germany), Claudia Steinau (Switzerland),  Elaine Vitikainen (Finland) Visual: Karl Mortier

  • EVP Virtual Vienna

    On the 2nd May 2020, in virtual Vienna, EVP made history by setting up the first ever online event  “Visual Storytelling”. David Sibbet was the keynote.  Besides the expertise and inspiring explanation of David, the community worked on the 3 pillars of online meetups and EVP in particular. In a spinoff 3 groups of volunteers…